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Black Diamond Factor AT Ski Boots 2009

The Black Diamond Factor Ski Boot is built for the hardest of hard chargers, who run it wide open in deeps, send 30-footers to hardpack and pull 60 mph straight lines. Skiers with tight pants or skinny skis need not apply. This is the stiffest freeride boot in the BD alpine touring line, with a Flex-130 rating.


Black Diamond Method Ski Boots 2009

The Black Diamond Method Ski Boot is for the modern AT skier who craves downhill performance as much as tourability and comfort. Slightly less torsionally and longitudinally stiff than the BD Factor boots, the Method is your choice for skiing any and all terrain, from no-falls steeps to deep powder bowls. With its Triax-Performance Frame with Pebax and Flex 110 rating, the Method still has power to drive today's fat skis.


Dalbello II Moro Ski Boots 2009

Developed for top performance in the parks and pipes, the Dalbello I Moro Ski Boots are the number one choice of X-Games Champion Tanner Hall. One of a kind design flosses high density foam padding, wide profile "Hyperband" shin pad closure, lock-on bulletproof snowboard slap ratchet buckles. The lightweight,comfortableThermo Liners provide warmth and shock absorption.


Dalbello Krypton Pro Ski Boots 2009

The top model in the Dalbello Krypton Series, the Dalbello Krypton Pro Ski Boot was specifically developed for top level, aggressive, and expert freeride skiers. A close and precise fit provides powerful and responsive energy transfer, while an interchangeable tongue & footboard makes this the most versatile and adjustable Krypton model.


Lange Banshee Pro Ski Boots 2009

Lange Banshee Pro Ski Boot is a plug boot built using the powerful RL 11 shell. This shell has the long flex pattern that Lange is famous for which allows the skier to control how much power is going into the ski. Used for years on the World Cup by Downhill and Super G skiers, the RL 11 shell gets a few tweaks for all mountain skiing. The elastic power strap, shock absorbing toe box and boot board, external gel tongue pad and optional shin laces absorb vibrations and keep the boot comfy.


Nordica Beast 10 Ski Boots 2009

The Nordica Beast 10 boots are part of the Speedmachine boot family. The Speedmachine collection was designed to offer the ultimate high performance experience coupled with the comfort to enjoy it all day long. It truly is the culmination of performance and comfort. The Nordica Beast 10 boots features a Comfort Fit lining, which is less elastic for greater comfort as well as a Heat Ready Liner that works with most of the heating systems on the market.


Nordica Blower Ski Boots 2009

High level performance boosted by suspension technology to make them react like a motocross bike: quick and powerful yet smooth and comfortable. The Nordica Blower features a 130 flex for the big, heavy, strong powerful guys out there that tend to over power other boots.


Nordica Enforcer Ski Boots 2009

Nordica Enforcer Ski Boots derive for Nordica top race series the Dobermann Pro Collection to offer a high level of performance boosted by suspension technology to make then react like a motocross bike, quick and powerful yet smooth and comfortable. The Nordica Enforcer features a 100 flex for the lighter, yet strong and powerful skiers that want all the ski boot but don't need the extra stiffness.


Nordica Ignition Ski Boots 2009

Nordica Ignition Ski Boots are a superior park and pipe boot in the Supercharger series that offer shock absorption and suspension to trigger take-offs and allow for smooth landings. The Ignition Ski Boots feature a Precision Fit Full Shock Eraser (FSE) Air liner, which means the liner material is more elastic and responsive for precision performance.


Nordica Spark Ski Boots 2009

Derived from the Beast collection, Nordica Spark boots are a superior park and pipe boot in the Supercharger series that offer shock absorption and suspension to trigger take-offs and allow for smooth landings. The Spark features a Comfort Fit Full Shock Eraser liner, made of softer material that is less elastic for greater comfort. The Nordica Spark Boots also have a wedge to provide outstanding shock absorption and vibration dampening.


Rossignol B-Squad 100 Sensor3 Ski Boots 2009

Designed with a shell forefoot width of 100mm, a flex rating of 100 and Vibram toe and heel pieces, the Rossignol B-Squad 100 Sensor3 Ski Boots are the pinnacle of performance and response combined with comfort.


Rossignol B-Squad Pro 130 Carbon Ski Boots 2009

Without increasing the hole in the Ozone Layer, these boots are made hard-charging, big mountain skiing. Rossignol B-Squad ProCarbon 130 Boots are built for maximum power and sensitivity for professional freeride athletes with a flex rating of 130, a shell width of 98mm, a 7mm removable rear/lateral spoiler and Vibram soles for extra grip on those rocky approaches.


Rossignol SAS Pro 120 BC Ski Boots

The 1st true professional backcountry freestyle boot that offers comfort without sacrificing power and feel. Vibram soles for extra grip for backcountry kicker sessions. Works in alpine or AT bindings.


Salomon Falcon CS Pro Ski Boots 2009

Equipped with a second skin shell for lightness and sensitivity, the Salomon falcon CS Pro Ski Boots are made to fit you comfortably. The most anatomical fit Salomon has come up with yet, these boots are so natural you will feel it wrapping perfectly around your feet before you even touch the buckles. A 3D strap gives easy vertical adjustment and one more innovation for best leg hold ever. Get ready to snap those 4 micro titanium buckles, eye your flex rivets, and hit the slopes in style.


Salomon Ghost Ski Boots 2009

Salomon Ghost Ski Boots are floating in to haunt your next season with all sorts of little tricks. An insole rubber grip keeps you nice and secure while a heel cushioning system gives you the ultimate in foot-pleasing comfort. A spaceframe shell profile offers an asymmetrical multi-layer construction for perfect control and direct transmission. Prepare for both tricks and treats and feel the true performance of an innovative and brilliant boot.


Salomon Gun Ski Boots 2009

A super comfortable heel cushioning system gives your feet all the support they need while a sensitive liner keeps you cozy no matter how hard you're attacking the slopes. The Salomon Gun Ski Boots with their flex rivets and softex insert will start your next ski adventure off with a bang.


Salomon Impact 8 Ski Boots 2009

Welcome to the reference level of comfort and performance ski boots for athletic skiers: tri-material asymmetrical Spaceframe Shell profile offering lightness and envelopment together with perfect transmission. The Salomon Impact 8 Ski Boots are your ticket to tremendous, with customizable layers in the shin and ankle areas to provide a precise and comfortable fit.


Salomon Impact Pro Ski Boots 2009

A demonstration in opulent foot comfort, the Salomon Impact Pro Ski Boots are the equivalent to buying your feet a BMW. A sensitive liner, double dismantable canting, and flex rivets are just the beginning. The Salomon Impact Ski Boots also feature a progressive and responsive flex as well as an asymmetrical multi-layer spacecraft shell profile for perfect control and direct transmission.


Salomon Mission RS 10 Ski Boots 2009

4 micro alu buckles wrap this boot in stylish customization. Removable heel and toe din pads keep the level of riding creativity in your hands, and tool free catch adjustments give you the opportunity to tweak on-the-go. Salomon wouldn t send you on a mission without giving you the best tools for the job, which is why the Mission RS 10 Boots have a biovent liner, a light and sensitive second skin shell, and an anatomical fit so natural, it will feel like your foot is being absorbed.


Tecnica Agent 110 Ski Boots 2009

The Agent series by Tecnica is your basic, all mountain ski boot. A great entry level boot for skiers looking for quality at a fair price. The Agent 110 is designed to stay durable while pounding moguls with invincible Carbon Steele Buckles. For smoother cruises through groomed runs, you'll love the UltraFit Liner that contours comfortably to your foot's geometry. With 3-Density Construction, you'll have double power on your inside edge.


Tecnica Agent 130 Ski Boots 2009

The Agent series by Tecnica is your basic, all around mountain ski boot. The Agent 130 is equipped to rock the hill from back country to tree line groomers with heavy duty durable Diablo Extruded Alu Buckles, Hinged Instep Catch, and a Neoprene Toe Box. Low Volume Design makes these boots lightweight for the biggest air possible. The Triple Position Cuff Catch keeps you comfortable even after an all day ski trip, Cuff is adjustable to cradle specific leg contour.


Tecnica Agent 95 Ski Boots 2009

This is the top of the line for the Tecnica Agent series, the best comfort-fit and durably constructed all mountain ski boot. For skiers who want to spend more time in the back country and less time fiddling with putting their boots on, check out the super easy to slip on Rapid Access Technology. The Agent 95 has shock absorbing zeppa and tongue that is ready to save your knees after nabbing big air.


Tecnica Agent AT Ski Boots 2009

Agent AT Ski Boots for 2009 are pulling the rug out under what we understood to be the limits in ski technology. Amping the charge for greatness is the Rockered Sole that gives you flexible shock absorption, saving your knees from gnarly landings. It also helps you shred a more efficient, technical carve. These boots give the skier insane comfort all day with 3 Density Construction. They're even crampon compatible. Hello back country hiking tour.


Tecnica Mega 12 Ultrafit Ski Boots 2009

The Mega series by Tecnica is all about convenience and comfort with innovation in style. For intermediate skiers looking for comfort that contours to their foot--check the ultra lightweight PCS Liner System. The AVS with Grip Sole, PCS Footbed, and Heel Cradle will shock absorb your landing from any big air leap. The Easy Move Cuff Catch, Mega Alu Micro Buckles, and Velcro Power Strap help you lock in for increased stability on ungroomed terrain.